Brazil - Sao Paulo

Israeli Member of Knesset; Dov Khenin and IAFC- Join Global Voice to Honor Mayor of Sao Paulo

Mayor Mr. Fernando Haddad of Sao Paulo, Brazil is being honored worldwide and held in the highest global esteem for his approval of the ethical double bill to ban the barbaric fur trade and foie gras.The honored city leader received among his many global congratulatory letters, letters from

Dov Khenin;Member of the Israeli Knesset, who is about to present Israel’s bill to ban the sale of fur to their government once again and from The International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC), who are leading the Anti-Fur bill initiatives, in Israel. Both letters mentioned deep gratitude and appreciation for the mayor on his foresight and empathy.It has come to light that of the four times the past Israeli governments had failed to pass those ethical bills to ban the sale of fur, a like bill would be voted into law in another global location; Hence, making it evident, that the exposure of the brutal facts, previously hidden by the fur trade, is the beginning of the end of this shameful industry.

Timeline of the anti-fur bills in Israel being help up: followed by similar bills being voted in worldwide:

* 2009: Former MK Nitzan Horowitz/ Israel failed to vote in the bill — 2010: Dublin/ Ireland Bill Passed

* 2010: Former MK Ronit Tirosh/ Israel failed to vote in the bill — 2010: Fingal/ Ireland Bill Passed

* 2012: Former  MK Ronit Tirosh/ Israel failed to vote in the bill —  2013: West Hollywood/ USA Bill Passed

* 2013: Former MK Ruth Kalderon / Israel failed to vote in the bill— 2015: Sao Paulo/ Brazil Bill Passed

Global media and the public have hopeful anticipation that the time has finally come for Israel to vote in their bill too.

Please click here to read the letter to Mayor Mr. Fernando Haddad Letter to Mayor Hadda d


Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.”

This is why moral justice will win. The fur industry; One of the cruelest in the world is becoming illegal (slowly but surely) in Cities/ States & Countries.

Most recently: SAO PAULO/ BRAZIL (a city of over 16 million people!) has just become the next city in the world to ban the sales of fur and go fur free! Fur Farms have been outlawed recently, there & Now the whole fur industry became illegal. “International Anti- Fur Coalition” sent an official letter of appreciation to the Mayor of Sao Paulo, Mr. Fernando Haddad, congratulating him for his remarkable, compassionate and ethical decision to spread light. Cheers to selflessness!

                                                                                          June 28th, 2015

To The Honorable Mayor, Mr. Fernando Haddad
Sao Paulo – S.P.
Your Honorable Mayor, Mr. Fernando Haddad,

In deep appreciation and gratitude the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC) thanks you and honors your forward thinking, wisdom and compassion in the passing of the double bill 16,222 / 2015, to ban from your beautiful city the extremely cruel and unnecessary fur trade and foie gras.

A city of 16 million, Sao Paulo is by far the largest city to ban Fur, joining West Hollywood California, USA, Dublin and Fingal of Ireland.

The IAFC is leading a precedent setting bill to ban the Fur Trade in the entire nation of Israel.  It is our hope and belief that this hugely popular bill should be voted in via the current parliament.

Sao Paulo has become a beckon on the path to an ethical future.The IAFC thanks you from the bottom of our hearts on behalf of the innocent animals and all ethical people.

In Genuine Gratitude,

Jane Halevy,

Founder and Director of IAFC

Mitzi Ocean,

World Coordinator of IAFC