Worldwide Fur Free Friday

Worldwide Fur Free Friday

Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF) is one of largest global days of action in the history of animal rights organizations. We have had demonstrations numbering up to 200 locations around the world: Held on the (black) Friday that is the beginning of the big holiday sales. (End of November) Demonstrations, against businesses and shops that sell fur, are held globally, in one united voice, to save the voiceless victims of the cruel fur trade.


The “Fur Free Friday” (FFF) went global, on 2008, and became “Worldwide Fur Free Friday” (WFFF) thanks to the gathered Anti- Fur organizations of the “International Anti- Fur Coalition.” It started with those IAFC members. But today, organizations and groups from all over the world joined in.


Every “WFFF” is your chance to add your voice! The Goal is to inform the public about the true face of the cruel fur trade and about the millions of innocent fur bearing animals, who live in torment on fur farms, going mad in filthy tiny wire cages and exposed to the elements or trapped in anguish until they die alone or are brutally killed and at times even skinned alive.

The global support, growing awareness, the world over about the true face of the fur trade has brought about many important victories, including ground-breaking anti-fur bills.
We always need to have a loud united voice and the fact that anti-fur events are simultaneously taking place around the world is solid proof of global solidarity and a strong stand against the fur industry. It’s our international duty to bring this horrific issue of fur to light. We will not stop until it stops!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information concerning the “WFFF”.

Below 2 albums including a few gathered pictures from worldwide protests for the “WFFF”

Worldwide Fur Free Friday, 2014

Worldwide Fur Free Friday, 2013

“Let’s get together, Let’s give them a voice, Get up, stand up, Let’s make that choice. The animal rights revolution starts!” (Skinned Alive song.) All of us, united for them. For a Fur Free Future!