Shop Owners

The Sticker Trend: Take a stand!

To Business owners worldwide, BE ready to create a change!

If you own a business and you are against the fur trade cruelty, if you believe that fur only belongs to the animals,
Now is the time to take a stand with this sticker.

The same as the “no-smoking sign” see attached our new “no-fur sign” for your business.

It does not matter whether you own a restaurant, a coffee-shop, a fashion shop, a hair salon, a beauty salon, or a toy shopthis sticker is for you because it reflects your stand!

The idea behind this sticker is to emphasize to people that wearing fur upon entering your business is not acceptable because you, as a business owner, realize that fur is cold-hearted and non-compassionate.

A lot of fur-wearing people are concerned about someone coming up to them and ask them about their fur items, and this campaign has the potential of truly creating a feeling of “shame” for many people wearing fur. A similar feeling prevailed in the 1980; and it can be back today depending on us, depending on you!

The first international businesses displaying the symbol shall have the name and photo of their business in an album of honor

Please do not hesitate to contact me for sending you the “PDF” version, to download. Send an email to Jane Halevy: Subject line:  Fur Free Zone PDF request. Thank you!