West Hollywood

Congratulations & Many thanks to West Hollywood for Defeating the Fur Industry, Once Again!

Once more, there were attempts, by the fur trade to overturn an active law. This time they tried to overturn a law that had been declared ‘Constitutional’ in Federal Court, the ethical bill to ban the sale of fur in West Hollywood.

By virtue of the ban the Fashion Capital of West Hollywood became known as the capital of compassion and ethics, inspiring other cities worldwide to vote in their own ban on the sale of fur; West Hollywood earned global fame and respect on voting in the moral ban. Under no circumstance can West Hollywood be forced to step back into the dark ages of this outdated barbaric and heartless trade. By keeping the fur ban strong and prohibiting the sale of fur, West Hollywood continues to send a firm message and ethical statement that fur is despicable, unacceptable and has utterly no place in this modern age.

The fur industry tried to force local law backward for self-interest and to erase the will of the people who made their intention clear: “They will not to lend a hand in this cruelty towards animals.” A position that is both respectful and humble. West Hollywood and the other fur free cities stand out for having chosen morality over greed. They chose to protect innocent animals over the immorality of Fur.

The fur industry, which is well known for their trickery, inappropriate, disrespectful interference (The Israeli Anti-Fur bill as a perfect example) in attempts to override the voice of the public is fighting very hard against these evolved decisions, trying to bring back a trade that was clearly rejected by the public of West Hollywood.

The moral council-members joined the voice of their public, who stood up for those who cannot defend themselves. The Fish & Game law still includes the barbaric cruelty of trapping, which is being made illegal in many locations after its brutality has been exposed. 

It is known to any legislator that it is the spirit and intent of the law that is the main point. It is evident that the spirit of the law never intended the law to be manipulated via the Fur trade nor to blindside local law makers to ignore their voting public!

While the much of the global public awaits their governments to do the right thing and finally make all fur products illegal, granting justice for animals too; We can all stop buying anything that has fur on it.

Remember the real ‘Power is in OUR Pocket’. The buying public controls the market.

Their lives are in each of our hands. If you Don’t Buy-They Don’t Die!