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New government in Israel = New hope for the bill to ban fur

The Israeli precedent setting bill to ban the barbaric and cruel fur trade began in March of 2009, with MK (Member of the Knesset) Nitzan Horowitz and later in 2010 with the efforts of MK Ronit Tirosh. Their exceptional work together with the International Anti Fur Coalition has already paved the way to local and global awareness about the cruel fur trade.

Besides the “Anti Fur bill" introduced in 2010, a third bill was introduced in July of 2012 by MK Tirosh and led by 8 MKs, from across the political spectrum. Although many chief Rabbis support this compassionate move and even though an exemption was granted to allow the ultra-orthodox traditional Streimel fur hats; this influential bill is jeopardized by the extreme lobbying of the fur industry and the Religious political parties. This is in spite of the fact that the legislation is in perfect accordance and the pure embodiment of the Jewish religion.

On Monday, October 15th 2012, the new election period began with the termination of the previous coalition; new elections are scheduled for January 2013. It was hoped to take advantage of the slim window of opportunity to still pass the bill within the framework of the previous Knesset however, this did not occur.

The bill which already has gathered remarkable international support as well as support within the Knesset will be reintroduced to the newly formed government body. The new parliament will have the opportunity to benefit via the passing of the ethical bill and granting Israel the standing of ‘a light upon nations’. The intent being that other countries will follow.

Jane Halevy of the International Anti-Fur Coalition, says: "We will expect from the 19th Knesset to achieve what the 18th Knesset failed to do: To vote in and finally pass a legislation that would save millions of innocent animals from being slaughtered for a needless twisted fashion. The law should protect the voiceless sentient beings, living in anguish and being brutally killed and not those who profit from cruelty."

In regard to the dissolution of the despicable fur trade, Israel will once again join in the annual global demonstrations taking place on November 30th of this year for "Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF).

"The International Anti- fur Coalition would like to take this opportunity to express its infinite gratitude and deep appreciation to all the people and organizations worldwide for their tremendous and significant support to pass this essential bill and raise awareness.

A new bill to place a ban on fur sales in Israel, lead by 8 MKs from across the political spectrum, was submitted to the Knesset.

Should this legislation be adopted, Israel will become the first nation worldwide to officially ban the cruelty of the fur industry.

Israel may well become the first country to ban fur sales nationwide. Localized bans already exist on the fur trade in cities and councils around the world, such as Dublin and Fingal in Ireland and West Hollywood in the USA.

Throughout the world, more and more anti fur laws are being considered and passed; at the same time new regulations are being introduced to restrict and limit the fur trade. The hope is that Israel shall be the first to join as an entire nation, the growing number of compassionate fur free cities.

Each year millions of animals all over the world are killed suffering unbelievable cruelty, for their fur. These animals spend their short lives anguishing in tiny mesh cages to later face electrocution, to be beaten to death or even skinned alive.

Jane Halevy, chairperson of the International Anti-Fur Coalition, says: "Fighting for people’s consciousness is a daily undertaking, and this legislation may yet save millions of animals. It’s time to do this at last and finally end the fur trade in Israel. Such legislation should gain immense respect for Israel and its citizens. Another important point to note is that unlike the first bill, proposed by MK Ronit Tirosh, the new bill doesn’t suggest a ban on fur imports, hence the bill is an entirely internal matter and any intervention by foreign furriers will be neither ethical nor justified”.

Many Rabbis support this move, for example Rabbi David Rosen, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, a Jerusalem resident, who firmly supported the late Rabbi Haim David Halevy’s statement that: "One should not wear fur produced through animal suffering, as is said: "And His tender mercies are over all His works." (Psalms 145 9)

International Anti Fur Coalition Announces the Latest Universal Symbol

In light of the need to raise more global awareness about the cruelty of the fur trade, which slaughters animals only for greed and fashion, International Anti-Fur Coalition introduces the new "sign of the times": The "Fur Free Zone" symbol which is already on display at various places of business around the world!

It joins the other universal symbols like those of ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Cell Phone’. The new symbol displays the familiar red circle with the red line crossing out a figure wearing fur.

The ethical emblem comes in two versions, both have the same symbol, but on one, the wording is intended for clothing stores and reads: “Here We Respect Animals and Don’t Sell Fur” and the other is intended for general places of business and reads: “FUR FREE ZONE”.

The first 100 international businesses displaying the symbol shall have the name and photo of their business in an album of honor:

Download the stickers of the Fur Free Symbol

Seal hunt clubbing

International Anti-Fur Coalition condemns 2012 Canadian seal hunt quota

The Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans has announced their 2012 seal hunt quota: 400 000 seals!

While the population of seals is facing critical ice melting, the Ministry continues to promote their insane seal massacre purpose, instead of protecting them.

Once again this year, the Canadian government is turning a deaf ear to international protests as well as Canadians’ outrage at the inhumane seal hunt.

The sealing industry was expected to die out this year due to the international ban of the trade in seal products. After giving in to the sealing industry’s complaints, however, the government of Newfoundland has offered $3.6 millions to a Norwegian company to stockpile seal pelts. Despite this new irresponsible attempt to preserve the sealing industry at Canadian taxpayers’ expense, many sealers are now looking for other opportunities.

The Namibian seal slaughter is the largest massacre of marine mammals in the world, taking place from the beginning of July each year.

The hidden reality of fur trade...

Warning: Contains graphic footage

Graphic footage

There is no beauty in cruelty.

Killing animals for their fur isn’t pretty. Not in a make believe world, and not in the real world. Download printable posters in posters section

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Israeli protesters tell Lene Espersen to take vacation from animal abuse

Lene EspersenFebruary 18, 2011 - Tel-Aviv- Outraged that Denmark keeps interfering with groundbreaking legislation to ban all fur in Israel, protesters at the Danish embassy, tell the Danish foreign Minister Lene Espersen to take a vacation from abusing animals.

Danish mink farmers are scared that Israel’s new legislation to ban the fur trade will set a precedent that other forward thinking countries will follow. Therefore they have employed the services of the Danish foreign ministry to lead an intense lobby mission to stop a law that is supported by the vast majority of the Knesset and 86% of the public in Israel.

The lobby effort has included sending factually wrong letters to Israeli politicians inflating the number of employees in the Danish fur industry.

More than 50% of Danish fur farmers have been found to be in breach of current legislation according to inspections by the Food Administration. Denmark has en ethical ban on fox farming and has also banned the import of cat, dog and seal fur.

On Thursday 10 of February, The ambassadors of Denmark and Canada even met with the Minister of Environmental Protection, Gilad Erdan, in an attempt to impede Israel’s bill to ban the fur trade. Erdan had told them that the only reason for killing an animal should be for survival needs and not for having a new coat and added that this bill is very significant for the purpose of education, as well.

“Lene Espersen should take a vacation from defending fur breeders and interfering with our law” says campaign director Jane Halevy and continues “It’s hypocrisy for Denmark to ban their own fox farms and still not respect the right of the people of Israel to pass a similar fur ban.”

We’d like to invite Lene Espersen to experience a kinder way to live by visiting our organisation in Israel and learning more about the horrible suffering of animals that this ban on fur will put to an end. We hope she’ll take us up on the offer. It’s time to realize that the fur trade is a twisted cruel fashion dictum of apathy."

The bill initiated by MK Ronit Tirosh and with the support of Erdan was expanded to include prohibiting the import and marketing the fur of all animals (aside for the exemption on the ultra-orthodox traditional streimel). The bill voted in at the vital committee for legislation awaits its second and third vote at the Education Committee.

The ground-breaking bill should be passed soon, though a very few religious politicians take turns delaying its vote.

Pamela Anderson backs bill to ban fur trade in Israel

In her personal letter to Israeli Minister Margi, Pamela Anderson describes her dismay that he postponed the bill to ban the fur trade in Israel authored by MK Ronit Tirosh and The International Anti-Fur Coalition. In September, fur trade lobbyists and a religious party caused a delay of the second and third vote (that is held at the same meeting). Having already passed the initial and more difficult vote, a positive vote in September would have seen the bill finally become law.

Pamela included a video documenting the facts, and stated that “I urge you to support this historic bill and speak up for the millions of animals who are bludgeoned, electrocuted, and skinned alive for their pelts each year”. She concluded her letter by appealing to him, “As Israel’s Minister of Religious Services, I hope that you will use your influence and this opportunity to spread a message of compassion for all living beings.”

Pamela Anderson’s letter and strong support is joined by Brigitte Bardot, Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, Alicia Silverstone, Leona Lewis and the office of the Dalai Lama. Should this bill be made into law it’ll be a great victory for animals and anti-fur activists around the world!

Thousands of people both locally and globally have sent in letters of support for the bill to Minister Yaakov Margi!

If you want to halt the torture and murder of mammals in the fur trade: the time is NOW!

This influential bill is being put into jeopardy by the extreme lobbying of the fur industry and the Religious parties. Our imperative appeal to the Israeli Knesset is to make evident that the global voice is against the cruel fur trade and supports this vital bill. Tell Minister Yakov Margi that he should not be led by a greed motivated industry, which is acting out under the reality of a worldwide growing awareness against the fur trade. The animals need your voice now!

Please send a letter today showing your support of this bill and that passage of this ban is vital to the innocent animals in the fur trade and to worldwide public opinion of Israel!

Please send your letter to Minister Yakov Margi:,,

Fax: +972 2- 5311308
Phone number: +972 2- 5311101

Please also put in copy:
MK Menachem Ben Eliezer Mozes:
MK Haim Amsalem:

Global awareness leads to pursuit to become first nation to go FUR FREE!

CAFT Ireland, a leading anti-fur group formed in 2005, has joined Israel in the fight to get their nation completely fur free!

The competition of compassion has begun, and this Dublin-based is delighted to be a part of it.

Due to campaign pressure, real fur isn’t widely available in Ireland, with just 3 furriers left in the country, and a very small number of shops selling vintage fur.

In 2009, an exposé uncovering the horrors inside Irish fur farms lead to a new campaign, which brought these activists directly outside the farms, travelling to each one protesting and setting up information tables in the nearby towns.

The government then finally agreed to a 3year phase-out of fur farming in Ireland – set for completion in 2012. The protests outside the farms continue, but the group have created a new tactic in their fight against fur.

Inspired by Israel’s Anti-Fur Coalition, and by a student group in Co. Kerry - who got fur banned by Tralee Town Council - they decided to push for a legal ban on the import and sale of real fur in Ireland.

Beginning in July, they contacted every council in the country regarding the issue. Dublin City Council was the first to adopt the ban, and yesterday Fingal County Council passed the motion too. They are in talks with other councils at the moment as well, and this ‘domino effect’ campaign is set to be a huge success.

Unfortunately though, due to current trading laws, these fur ban motions will only have effect on fairs, markets, stalls and council-organised events - not individual shops or boutiques. However, once CAFT have the majority of councils behind them, they will be bringing this to a governmental level, and will campaign for a change in the trading laws
concerning real fur. Local councillors are already writing to government officials about this, on their behalf.

So the big question is: which country will be fur-free first, Israel or Ireland? The race is on!

Either way, it will be a huge victory for the millions of animals killed by this barbaric industry every year.

Ban on Fur Trade in Israel Frozen via Dirty Politics

The anti-fur bill in Israel postponed the day before it was to be voted in; contrary to all expectations

Tel-Aviv, September, 2nd 2010 - While the bill to ban fur was to be voted in on September, 2nd, Yakov Margi, the Israeli Minister of Religious Services, only one day before, played a very dirty trick. Despite the resolution of all existing conflicting matters, he gave no concrete argument and only said, that he’d like to have the bill reviewed again!

MK Zevulun Orlev, the committee leader then canceled the planned meeting at which the bill was likely to have been voted in. Margi also requested to have the bill reviewed again at the Legislative Committee of Ministers, which would be a huge step backwards, but in the meantime animal rights organizations managed to halt that request until a meeting takes place between both parties, to mediate the unexpected reversal of the situation.

MK Mozes, the main opponent of the bill, after looking at pictures depicting the terrible suffering of the animals in the fur trade, had even confided at the first private meeting that the religious should be the ones leading the fight against the fur trade. While he had said he would relay this message to other religious leaders, he changed his heart!

MK Ronit Tirosh, who has introduced the bill, continues to fight indefatigably for a legislation that would save millions of innocent animals from the fate, anguish and slaughter of the fur trade.

This situation put Israel in a very negative light as the world watches the dirty political games that are played between the religious parties and the fur lobbyists; instead of taking the opportunity to take a moral and ethical historical step.

Important Move Forward for Actualizing Ban on Fur Trade in Israel

Tel-Aviv, August 22nd - The ‘International Anti-Fur Coalition’ and ‘Let Live Israel’, who were among the initiators of the bill to ban fur, are glad to announce to the watching world that Trade Minister Ben-Eliezer has removed his opposition to ban the brutal fur trade in Israel.

MK Ronit Tirosh author of the bill, ‘The International Anti Fur Coalition’, ‘Let Live Israel’ and the local and global public have deep appreciation and gratitude to Minister of Trade Ben-Eliezer on his decision not to impede the passage of the bill; giving hope to save the lives of millions of animals from the fate of the cruel fur trade.

Sunday, August 22nd marks an important positive step towards actualizing the ban on fur trade in Israel. At a meeting held between Minister for Trade Ben-Eliezer, members of the ministry’s office, MK Ronit Tirosh, author of the bill and Jane Halevy founder of the International Anti-Fur Coalition; Ben-Eliezer has officially decided to withdraw his opposition to the Bill.

In an intense discussion, Tirosh and Halevy aided by the evidence they provided, the abundant emails from worldwide public support and a personal letter from Brigitte Bardot addressed to Ben-Eleizer, requesting that he remove his opposition to the ban, the Trade Minister announced that he would not impede the passage of the bill.

In light of all resolved oppositions both in the Ultra-Orthodox sector and now that Ben-Eliezer removed his opposition to the bill; the path is open for the ban to be voted at the committee meeting to be held at the Knesset on September 2nd when the bill comes up for it’s 2nd and 3rd reading.

The world asking Israel to pass the bill to ban fur

Paul McCartney, Brigitte Bardot, Chrissie Hynde support the fur ban bill in Israel like thousands of people worldwide

Children supporting the billBesides the support of international celebrities, the vast majority of the Israeli public is backing the bill for a total ban on the fur trade. One hundred Israeli celebrities, including top fashion designers have signed and written messages of support in a guest-book.

Paul McCartney has said: "By banning such a cruel industry Israel would provide a shining example in care and compassion that others would be sure to follow."

Brigitte Bardot wrote several letters to Israeli leaders at the Knesset, urging them to pass this bill and make history, also reminding them that the world is watching very closely. One of her letters states: "I would like to thank you personally for your help and support promoting the bill against the fur trade in Israel."

Chrissie Hynde also wrote: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this fantastic compassionate step. The fur trade is a stain on our collective consciences."

Members of the British Parliament such as David Amess, Norman Baker, Judy Mallaber and Nick Palmer wrote letters of support, as well.

The Dalai Lama’s Office showed his support by sending us a letter on his philosophy that illustrates how the anti-fur ban follows his teachings on compassion.

It’s your turn to support this bill to ban fur in Israel!

The real cost of fur


Israel takes a giant step, approving expansion on anti-fur bill to include all animals

The Israeli Government approves unanimously a bill that brings Israel one step closer to becoming the first fur-free country

In one of the most important achievements in the combined efforts of the ‘International Anti-Fur Coalition’ and ‘Let the Animals Live’ in their endeavors to protect fur bearing animals, the ministerial committee for legislative affairs accepted their request and approved unanimously the expansion on MK Ronit Tirosh’s bill. The bill prohibiting originally only the trade of cat and dog fur and was approved on its first reading; has been expanded by amendment to include all fur from all mammals. The ban includes an exception on specific fur hats worn by a few people for cultural identity. This bill is a global and historic precedent.

The total ban on all fur from all animals in addition circumvented the anticipated complexity that would have behooved the customs authority in distinguishing the animal of origin of each particular fur item.

Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon and Minister of Environmental Protection Gilad Arden addressed the Ministerial Committee with the assistance of Minister of Education, Gideon Saar. Jane Halevy of the International Anti-Fur Coalition and attorney Joshua Rotbert, legal adviser of Let the Animals Live are the ones that initiated the matter with the help of MK Nitzan Horowitz via bringing to the government’s attention the cruel truth behind the needless fur trade.

Now that the legislative committee unanimously approved the amendment, the Education, Culture and Sports Ministry committee will hold a vote on the amendment later in the month and following their approval the bill will be put to a second and then third reading before finally being past into law. The vast majority are hopeful that the Israeli government will continue on the path to end needless animal cruelty.

International Anti-Fur Coalition urge Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz to ban cat and dog fur trade in Canada

Following the Canadian press revelation concerning the federal government decision not to ban imports of cat and dog fur, the International Anti-Fur Coalition urges Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz not to be an accomplice of the needless torture of millions of cats and dogs killed for their fur, and to ban this trade.

As Europe and the United States, among other nations worldwide, have already banned imports of cat and dog fur, Canada would allow this barbaric industry which is based on the exploitation and cruel killing of millions of cats and dogs, every year, to continue. It is hard to believe that Canada would want to support such a deplorable trade. If no ban is imposed, the Canadian market would be flooded with the fur skinned from dogs and cats. Not to mention the fact that the countries which did not adopt any measure happen to record skins traffics inside their borders, such as cat skins tanneries in Switzerland.
Therefore, we urge Minister Ritz to adopt regulations in accordance with the United States and Europe to prevent the trade of cat and dog fur from flooding canadian market. It is in Canada’s best interest to avoid this International disgrace and the resulting harm that will be caused to Canada’s economy and reputation.

Gerry Ritz email contact form

Seal hunt derived products banned from the European union

The European ministers Council approved the seal products ban from the European union on the 27th of july, 2009, after the European Parliament passed this bill on the 5th of may, and in spite of the latest threatening attempts by the Canadian government.

It is acknowledged that the seal hunt costs a huge amount of taxpayers’ money, and bears minor benefits. However, the Canadian government spent vast sums to pretend they were defending sealers’ interests; they keep on promoting seals derived products, lobbying the state members of the European union and, more recently, the World Trade Organization.

The International Antifur Coalition denounces the irresponsible stubborness shown by the Canadian government in their dedication to the maintain of the unprofitable and amazingly cruel Canadian seal slaughter. IAFC urges them again to find a more sustainable and ethical activity, such as ecotourism, as a reasonable alternative.

A Face for Fur

Shira Vilensky In association with International Anti-Fur Coalition’s campaign against the fur trade, Israeli actress Shira Vilensky was photographed at the snowy foot of Mount Hermon in northern Israel, a perfect location combining the Israeli campaign and the plight of seals in Canada.

A series of photographs were taken, to raise awareness on the cruelty and horrors of the fur industry. The action was meant to coincide with Knesset Member Nitzan Horovitz’s precedential anti-fur bill to entirely ban the fur trade in Israel, prohibiting all fur importations, productions and sales.

“Imagine the violence inflicted on these animals that are gassed, electrocuted and often skinned alive. We need to make justice for all fur bearing animals. Compassionate people hope that Israel will ban all fur” says Shira Vilensky.


The European Union voted in the ban on all commercial seal products

SealOn May 5th 2009 the European Union voted to ban the trade of all commercial seal products. The vote results of this legislation are firm and definite: 550 in favor and only 49 against. Europe joins U.S.A, Mexico and Croatia. The countries that had already taken the decision to ban all trade products coming from the cruel seal hunt.

International Anti-Fur Coalition congratulates the European Parliament for this impressive vote in favor of the ban, hence representing the opinion of the many Europeans opposed to the annual seal slaughter. The previous European Union legislation dated back to 1983, and only banned the sales of products and fur coming from the whitecoat seals.

This is a historic day in the global fight against the seal slaughter, and especially for Canada. The European Union being one of the major markets, this decision will save hundreds of thousands of seals from being brutally killed each year.

The price for seal pelts had already dropped this year to 15 Canadian dollars, a lowering of 86% compared to 2006! As a result many hunters had taken the decision not to hunt this year. The financial support of the Canadian government for the seals massacre exceeds in actuality any and all financial benefits, and should be put to the much better use of reconversion to eco-tourism.

For a first time a Canadian politician, Senator Mac Harb has introduced legislation to put an end to this hunt; the largest remaining marine mammal slaughter in the world. A majority of Canadians would like to see the end of the barbaric massacre, it is time for the Canadian government to act, and finally put an end to this international disgrace.

For more information on the annual seal hunt.

Investigative report in Israel exposes dog and rabbit fur sold as ’fake fur’

A report on Israel’s channel 10, led by SPCA Israel and International Anti-Fur Coalition, has revealed that from the top fashion chains stores to cheap toys in bazaars, what was being sold as fake fur was indeed real fur.

Though Israel is not a country that suffers from extreme cold, fur can be found on countless items, from fashion trimmings to decorations on knick-knacks to toys for children and pets.

The International Anti-Fur Coalition had been alerted by numerous customers who reported to them on "fake fur" trims that just seemed too real, and were not satisfied by the shop’s reassurances, that the fur in question was indeed fake. Items from various shops were sent to be analyzed at the independent laboratory, Forensic Science Institute.

Avner Rosengarten, the scientist who preformed the analysis states that the results prove beyond any doubt that the fur is not synthetic, but came from dogs and rabbits!

The investigators confronted the head offices of Renuar and ML, the top fashion chains from which the items tested were taken. Both claimed to have a "fur free" policy and put the blame on their Chinese supplier. Both took the same following actions; removing all items in question from their selves, offering apologies and refunds to all offended customers, set in action their own investigations, and stated that in the future they will require from all suppliers to present them with lab results proving that all fur items are indeed synthetic, before entering the country.

In light of the investigation, International Anti-Fur Coalition and SPCA Israel ask that Israel pass legislation making it illegal to import all fur products.

"Skinned Alive": a voice to say "No to fur"!


Trapping footage: Fur Bearer Defenders.

The Video Clip & Song "Skinned Alive" have been launched to expose the horrific cruelty inflicted upon fur bearing animals worldwide. They live miserable lives before meeting with unspeakable agonizing deaths simply to become fur coats and trinkets. Listen to the screams of millions of caged innocent animals just to end up even skinned alive for fur.

Download the free ringtone!


Fur coat

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