Israel *2019*

new bill led by former MK Yael Cohen Paren had been introduced during the previous Knesset, it had been supported and signed by 38 Members of the Israeli parliament! Just like the previous national bills to ban the sale of fur in Israel since 2009..... Of course both bills will be submitted again to the 21st Knesset Apparently the IFTF  (International Federation for fur ) knows very well that International Anti-Fur Coalition are Not quitters: Indeed they had already been meeting with Israeli politicians of our new Knesset in order to sabotage the bills we did not even get to re- introduce yet! 
After almost a decade (Since 2009) and after nearly 10 similar bills submitted to prohibit the sale of fur in the Israeli Knesset, after countless attempts, meetings, signatures, committees, lobbies, letters, great hopes and greater disappointments; We still haven't made it..... Therefore, the time had come to think differently, and MK Yael Cohen Paran agreed to take up the gauntlet with us, with an original idea so that we could also move forward, Thanks to this new bill (described below) that seeks to empower local authorities to decide to ban the sale of fur in their fields/ cities of Israel and thus not to cooperate with one of the cruelest industries in the world. As for now in Israel,only the Knesset is entitled to pass bills like this catalyst bill to ban the sale of fur. 

It is important to note that this legislation does not replace the national legislation proposal prohibiting the sale of furs. Each city  that will pass this legislation, will further accelerate the domino effect in the world! So Good luck to us and the cities of Israel, on the behalf of animals!  Stay tuned for the next snowballs! 

With Chaim Broyde, the Mayor of Raanana: One of the cities that will go fur free!

Amazing young ladies, with the Vice Mayor of Tel Aviv; Reuven Ladiansky! asking for their city to also go Fur- Free. below a letter signed by Ladiansky to go forward with the ban, as soon as the bill that seeks to empower local authorities to decide to ban the sale of fur in their fields gets to be enacted.