Blood Fashion Term

Blood Fashion: The term coined for Fashion that is made of abuse and animal suffering in the name of Ego, greed and profits. Just like Blood diamond, Blood pearls,Blood lions....No more Blood industries should ever be tolerated. Time to evolve!

Special Thanks and Credit to Mitzi Ocean: <The world

coordinator& correspondent for IAFC > For this term that depicts so well what it is all about. Please use those hashtags for your next Anti-Fur posts, pictures and videos: 

#BloodFashion #EndBloodFashion #BanBloodFashion


10 years after we had launched our #Antifurcoalition clip and song :
" Skinned Alive", we teamed up with the amazing rapper and activist Scott SCS - Hip Hop /  Non-profit Rhymes for Good  for making a new versioncalled "Blood Fashion"! Also featuring the great singer Amanda Jane. Thank you so much for giving their beautiful voice to the voiceless. Special thanks to Cynthia Anne for her amazing contribution  and to the Berkeley Animal Rights Center activists:   

*CREDITS: Cinematographer: Kevin Curro Motion Graphics/VFX: DesignerDesmond Recording & Mixing Engineer: Jonathan Moe Songwriters: SCS, Jane Halevy, Amanda Jane Photographer/Videographer: Cynthia Anne Recording Engineer: Jonathan "J. Moe" Moe Video Editor: Cole Seidl Audio recorded in Secret Studios (SF) Video shot primarily in Golden Gate Park (SF)*

Above Picture by the photographer: Ronen Machlev -  Model: Gala Kogan - Make up Artist: Jane Halevy.

"Blood Fashion" Fur: The real price of fur has nothing to do with the item price. The real price of fur has been paid by the animals.