Thanks & Support

Thank you letter from UK, to Jane Halevy ( IAFC founder) from the AR advocates & Activists: Catherine Reda & Diane Smith: 


In light of supporting the Israeli bill to ban the sale of fur, we had received this message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama: Tenzin Gyatso via his Administrative Assistant: Tsultrim Dorjee.

Date: July, 24 th, 2009

Dear Jane Halevy, 

His Holiness always supports for animal rights and for animal's protection."Today, together with a growing appreciation of the importance of human rights there is a greater awareness worldwide of the need for the protection not only of the environment, but also of animals and their rights. Unfortunately, there continue to be those who feel it is not only acceptable, but also a pleasure, to hunt or fight with animals, resulting in the painful deaths of those animals. This seems to contradict the general spirit of egalitarianism growing in most societies today. I deeply believe that human beings are basically gentle by nature and I feel that we should not only maintain gentle and peaceful relations with our fellow human beings but that it is also very important to extend the same kind of attitude towards the environment and the animals who naturally live in harmony with it.  As a boy studying Buddhism in Tibet, I was taught the importance of a caring attitude towards others.  Such a practice of non-violence applies to all sentient beings any living thing that has a mind. Where there is a mind, there are feelings such as pain, pleasure and joy.  No sentient beings want pain, instead all want happiness.  Since we all share these feelings at some basic level, we as rational human beings have an obligation to contribute in whatever way we can to the happiness of other species and try our best to relieve their fears and sufferings." With best wishes, Yours sincerely,


More international support for the bill to ban the fur in Israel:

That' s besides The one hundred Israeli celebrities, including top fashion designers who have signed and written messages of support in our guest-book.
Paul McCartney has said: "By banning such a cruel industry Israel would provide a shining example in care and compassion that others would be sure to follow."
Brigitte Bardot  & Pamela Anderson wrote several letters to Israeli leaders at the Knesset, urging them to pass this bill and make history, also reminding them that the world is watching very closely. 
Chrissie Hynde also wrote: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this fantastic compassionate step. The fur trade is a stain on our collective consciences."
Leona Lewis wrote a letter of support. Alicia Silverstone had written too about our bill on her blog asking her fans to support the Israeli bill.

Special Thanks - Service Providers

International Anti-Fur Coalition welcomes the contribution and collaboration of various ethical service providers around the world to support its cause of enacting global anti-fur legislation to ban the sale of fur.

Below are individuals and organizations that IAFC would like to credit for their support of our work and campaigns at various stages, each in their respective specialties:

*Jewelry design for the Let Animals Live pendant and graphic design provided by Nano Jewelry

*Kindvertising,( Advertising with Kindness ) provided by Stefania Poletti, The founder,

*Vegan copy-writing services provided by The Write Cure