The 100 Mission/ Pay it Forward challenge!

The "100 Mission"/  Pay it Forward Anti-Fur Challenge!

#OverMyDeadBody campaign + Pay it forward motive* = #The100Mission

This parallel campaign amplifies:" Wearing a dead body? Over my dead body!"(See the album linked below)

Our goal is to stop the slaughter of 100 million animals who are brutally killed, each year only for their fur. Our mission is to reach out to 100 million women internationally, to commit Not to wear fur/ Dead animals, and thereby stopping the horrific fur industry / "Blood Fashion."

"‪#‎The100Mission‬" starts by recruiting 100 social "Animal Rights" activists, to reach out ( through social networking and personal contacts) for 100 influential women, to commit not to wear fur. Then the first 100 women' s mission will be about engaging 100 influential women around the world, like Jennifer Aniston, Leona Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Carla Bruni, and many more!

100 activists reaching out to 100 influential women reaching out to 100 worldwide influential women for inspiring 100 million women around the world, saying "No" to fur! As there is no beauty, in cruelty.

Time for the fashion industry to take responsibility, against this ongoing massive carnage, in their name. No animals want to be brutally killed to become a fur item, and yet this industry earns about 40 billion dollars a year. This said, the real price of fur is only paid by the lives of their original owners: The animals: About 8 ( average size) of them, and about 100 animals when it comes to small ones, for one fur coat! 

A huge majority of the international public is strongly against the fur industry and so we expect #The100Mission ethical campaign, to fly high!

#The100Mission campaign is also about *Wearing whiskers as symbol for supporting furry animals! 

Have you ever seen Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Eva Mendes with a mustache?
Furthermore everyone is inviting to stand their ground & Make a difference, right now! Imagine published selfies and footage of tons of men women and children worldwide, wearing a mustache, to spontaneously support this humane cause!

Same secret: "Think globally, act locally"; Create a list of Animal Advocates, in your own location + Another list of "your" 100 influential women. Intend to recruit them, as a cry out against the fur trade. Everything you do should be reported on social network. Remember to always add the following Hashtag: #The100Mission, along with your posted (hairy ;)) pictures/ Videos! Also please note that wonderful Women Saviors had already joined ‪#‎OverMyDeadBody‬ / " The 100 Mission"

So far 45 influential women had pledged Never to wear fur, among them; Pamela Anderson, Joanna Krupa, Katarina Van Derham, Natasha Gal, Esti Ginsburg, Linor Abargil ( former miss world), former MK Ronit Tirosh and many more Israeli celebrities, all supporting the bill to ban the sale of fur in Israel.

We expect this worldwide campaign to raise awareness to help ending the cruel fur industry. Get your friends to join too! Draw a mustache ( See a few options in the pictures attached.;)) & Keep track of this ethical race to save the furry animals! The "100 mission" challenge is just starting! Get ready to be a savior, too!

Who will be the first 100 Activists/ Animal Advocates to join in & be a part of "The 100 Mission" ? 

#OverMyDeadBody Facebook album: *
We expect this worldwide campaign to raise awareness against the cruel fur industry. Keep track of this ethical race to save the furry animals! Thank you for joining forces, for the animals!  
Inspired by *The 1995 movie: Pay it forward



*Jane Halevy Moreno,  *Yomtov Moshe