About Us

International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC) is an AR movement founded in 2006 to focus on the atrocities 

of the fur trade, in which hundreds of millions of rabbits and over 95 million animals are brutally killed each year for their fur. The coalition gathers over 50 anti-fur organizations worldwide, working to bring an end to the fur industry   through simultaneous ‘global days of action’ like demonstrations, ‘information days’ and special events held regularly all over the world.

Unity for the Anti-Fur Cause

IAFC’s significance resides in its union. Our global united voice is much louder than that of each of us alone. While you may never hear about local anti-fur struggles, once they become global, they gain attention and media coverage, which raises awareness. This allows us to help each other in the political field. We update each other about our politicians and bills and help each other pursue anti-fur bans. Thanks to social media and the web, IAFC is growing via networking and collaboration with anti-fur organizations worldwide.

Our Creed:

Our Goals:

Our ultimate goal is not only making fur history – a thing of the past, out of fashion and sight – but also out of law. Fur should be not only immoral but also illegal. Making fur illegal is an idea that should not sound surrealistic, as the world is evolving, whether furriers like it or not.

It’s our duty to raise awareness, by giving a voice to animals, about the cruel and immoral fur industry. It' s our mission to convey the message that unless we change our attitude towards animals, our grandchildren would soon enough only be able to see furry animals in museums – not so unreal since every second, more than one animal is brutally killed for its fur simply for greed and a sick fashion.

How IAFC is Funded

IAFC is funded only by the contributions of members who want to make a donation for the international fight against fur (membership is free). IAFC uses funds only in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, as we have NO paid staff. We all are very committed and dedicated activists/animal advocates, volunteering each in our respective fields, which allows IAFC to channel donations directly to its anti-fur actions and goals.

IAFC achievements


Meet the Founder

IAFC was founded by Jane Halevy Moreno; Vegan Animal Rights activist and mom of 2 boys. Jane decided to focus her efforts on the fur industry when she first saw the horrific footage of animal suffering imposed by this despicable, very cruel "Blood Fashion".
“I saw a beautiful animal torn apart, brutally beaten, then hanged by his legs to be skinned alive and thrown into a pile of other dead bodies. I saw darkness and how hell looks on earth for the animals that humans failed to protect,” says Jane. For the last 15 years, she has been organizing and participating in countless animal rights protests and coordinating worldwide anti-fur protests, together with an amazing IAFC team; All very dedicated and passionate about helping to put an end to this atrocity. Fur industry victims cannot speak or fight back, but we can.

Message from the Founder: To All Animal Rights activists worldwide, Animal Revolutionary People! Thank you for all you do, for standing up and speaking up for those who cannot, for never giving up the struggle. Everything we do does matter: We have to keep supporting and inspiring each other on our path and our will to seek justice. "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds." Always keep in mind that people will try to silence you, pull you away and down, harm and bury your projects, but your deeds for helping 'others' are seeds, and seeds cannot be buried. So thank you for caring, sowing, acting and making a difference. Jane Halevy Moreno.

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet” - Alice Walker


IAFC is a proud member of the Netzkraft Movement: https://www.netzkraft.net/