Ban 4 the Bunnies 2

California, a state that already has 4 Fur Free cities, is on the path to become the first Fur Free State in the USA via their ethical bill AB44, authored by assembly woman Laura Friedman, and  sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States, Animal Hope in Legislation and Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation. The beneficial bill has gathered huge support across the spectrum and fared well in the first two Committee hearings. 
Though even in California there are the unethical that put greed and profits before all. Hence, agribusinesses, special interest fur farmers and rabbit meat producers are currently aggressively lobbying for an amendment to exclude rabbits from the fur ban bill. These manipulative pro Blood Fashion are set to sabotage this bill via demanding an insidious exemption to it. Their exemption on rabbit fur is under the pretext that the rabbit is farmed for meat! While the bunny rabbit is much more likely to be found a beloved pet in homes, like the dog and cat. 
This manipulative trickery though isn’t a new ploy and had even been attempted before on other bills to ban fur. This dangerous exemption not only leaves the bunny unprotected, but would definitely lead to a huge increase both in the number of rabbits murdered for Blood Fashion fur and in the well documented intentional mislabeling of fur items. Mislabeling already exists between real and faux fur, but then many other furs may suddenly "become" rabbit fur....And lab tests are very expensive for Animal Rights activists to run to prove time and again the intentional mislabeling. The bill is a declarative bill that stands against a morally wrong industry and cruelty to ALL animals, no exceptions. They all suffer terribly in the name of vanity, greed and profits. We stand for compassion and ethics. This is the public vote. In addition the public could lose faith in our ( Animal Rights advocates & Politicians) sincerity if permission is given to continue to brutally kill any species of defenseless sentient beings.

More about the irrationality and the irrelevance of this bill, with such an exemption: This bill proposal stands against cruelty & Discrimination. Since modern society discriminates between a dog and a fox, a cat and a rabbit. We love one but brutally kill the other to wear its fur...Therefore It makes absolutely no sense to discriminate against any furry animal. The rabbits can not be excluded: California is either fur free or it is not. 

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