Becoming a member

How to Join IAFC

We offer local/national anti-fur organizations the opportunity to join us and become an official member organization of the “International Anti-Fur Coalition” (IAFC) for their own area. International organizations worldwide have also joined us, such as AnimaNaturalis, Bite Back, and Anti-Fur Society. 

Our goal is to unite our voice against the fur industry, particularly through international events and simultaneous global demonstrations. For instance, the annual Worldwide Fur Free Friday always takes place by the end of November (for Black Friday). We also network for organizing international anti-fur campaigns.

Apart from producing campaign materials, we direct our efforts toward anti-fur legislation. For instance, thanks to our coalition, we are able to share very important information in the political field, which is beneficial since working together positively impacts our local and international efforts to achieve our goals.

IAFC Membership Benefits

It's completely free to join us (no membership fee). Any received donations are used for anti-fur campaigns, lobbying and for printing materials such as flyers, stickers, and buttons. IAFC membership has given local organizations international status and allowed their efforts to be discovered much more broadly all over the world. We can also always help each other create campaigns and anti-fur projects. 

IAFC supports member organizations, in their pursuit of anti-fur legislation in their respective countries, in several ways: