Thank you Giorgio Armani!

Posted by Jane Halevy on April 02, 2016 . 0 Comments

To The Giorgio Armani Group,                                                                   

March 26, 2016

The International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC) is glad to extend their deep appreciation to The Giorgio Armani Group for taking the evolved ethical step onto the 21 century and going Fur Free.

Indeed Fur "Blood Fashion" is totally barbaric and is finally and thankfully being phased out in today’s more progressive and civilized fashion houses. Via your enlightened advancement Armani can now claim to be truly a sophisticated and elegant line of beautiful fashion.

In Gratitude

Jane Halevy Moreno

Founder and Director of IAFC

Mitzi Ocean

World Coordinator of IAFC

May the 'Giorgio Armani Group" inspire many other fashion designers!

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Thank you Shenkar College of Design and art!

Posted by Jane Halevy on December 06, 2015 . 0 Comments

Thank you *Shenkar* College of Design and art, for being respective to the Israeli public outcry against Fur and Leather and cancelling your course on its use.

At a time that huge fashion names like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and now the elegant Fashion House of Giorgio Armani have joined the many other Fur Free fashion houses, it proves that the Fashion Industry is realizing that being beautiful is more than skin deep and the barbaric cruelty of Fur has no place in Fashion.

In a world becoming increasingly ethically aware that Fur = BLOOD FASHION and that it is on the out, hence logically any college of design that trains the designer of tomorrow need be Fur Free.

Huge Thanks too to the "Anti-Fur Underground" (of the IAFC), "Anonymous" and "Let Animals Live",to all the ethical staff and students of Shenkar that spoke up for...

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