Wearing a Dead Body? Over My Dead Body

International Anti- Fur Coalition, in association with Phenomenon: Yomtov Moshe, a philanthropist, film director & Commercial Producer, had launched an ongoing international campaign: ”Wearing a dead body? Over my dead body!”

Celebrities who upload their photos wearing fur, promote this bloody fashion. However, those who would never wear fur are less obvious. Their revulsion to fur is not written on their forehead. Hence, we hope to balance that, through this Anti- Fur campaign, to reveal the compassionate faces of those who believe that there is no beauty in cruelty and that fur only belongs on animals.

Thank you for spreading the word and the world that animals should not be mutilated and killed to make clothes. It is important to keep up exposing the horrific cruelty inflicted upon fur bearing animals worldwide. They live miserable lives before meeting with unspeakable agonizing deaths simply to become fur coats and trinkets. To view all the campaign pictures, please click here

***If you want to join, too, just follow up those 3 Easy steps& Make a difference, on the behalf of animals***

1) Take a picture of yourself holding a sign with the slogan: “Wearing a dead body? Over my dead body! “

2) Upload the picture on all your social media pages/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter, etcTo make your photo go viral, please Hashtag> #Overmydeadbody. 

3) Challenge three of your friends to do the same & Be the change you want to see in this world!