Challenge *2020*

#Challenge2020;  No Sale, No Kill  *The International Anti Fur Coalition (IAFC) is launching their new global campaign: ‘Challenge 2020’. Are you Ready? The idea of this campaign is to End Blood Fashion Fur globally via banning it locally. The plan being to ban the sale of fur locally throughout the globe until finally Blood Fashion Fur is nothing more than a shameful barbaric stain on human inhumane history. More and more locations have already banned the sale of fur and many others are planning their bills to ban fur in their locations too. Hence, the timing of this ethical campaign is excellent considering the the amazing momentum of the ‘Fall of Fur’. The evidence can be seen on each level of the fur industry. Beginning in the production sector of this cruel barbaric trade – Fur Farming – Fur farms are in deep trouble for many reasons: Many countries have already banned them, while many others are in the process of banning them, both on ethical and environmental findings; other locations have shut down their fur farms, because they have realized that it is a failing business having no future. From around the world, the furriers themselves are reporting their falling statistics in sales and prices over the past years; With prices bringing in a mere fraction compared to even five years ago. An additional very influential reason for the ‘Fall of Fur’ is the increasing number of today’s fashion designers and fashion houses that have gone Fur Free. Huge Fashion names like Armani, Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Chanel, Jean-Paul-Gaultier, Burberry, to mention but a few on the long and ever increasing list of today’s Fur Free Fashion designers that have stated that they ‘consider real fur to be backward, barbaric and cruel and having no place in the fashion forward future’. Many celebrities have turned their backs on fur too for the same reasons And of foremost importance is the public consumers, who have seen the true face of Blood Fashion Fur and are horrified at the inherent cruelty. They also have ditched fur and demand beautiful Fur Free Fashion. 

Here is our global guideline in 7 steps to achieve local victories. 

Always keep in mind that "Impossible" is just an opinion, Not a fact." Hence let's get united to make our Fur Free Future possible. Ask, Act & Achieve to Ban the sale of blood fashion fur Globally via acting Locally! Here are our suggestions to help you achieve a ban in your location.

1) Believe you can:

Envision your Goal of a ban to be Real! Many AR advocates worldwide have ALREADY achieved that goal: E.g. 4 locations in Ireland; 4 Cities in the USA: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, West Hollywood, São Paulo/ Brazil, Hartenstrat street in Amsterdam, to name some examples, have all banned the sale of fur.

2 ) Keep it Simple:

It's paramount to focus your ban on the ‘Sale’ of fur only. Terms mentioning ‘Importation/ Exportation/Trade, etc’, 'will open a door for furriers to sabotage your bill. ( Via the WTO)

3 ) Create a Petition:

To get vital support from the public, politicians, media & Celebrities.
We can send you a template petition. Advertise widely & Arrange engagements to introduce your bill and the ethical and environmental reasoning behind it. Approach like minded influential politicians to champion the Bill to Ban the Sale of Blood Fashion Fur.

4) Important Note:

If you already have interested politicians cooperating with you to introduce a bill to ban the sale of fur, then we strongly suggest skipping the petition and to keep quiet to protect the bill before the voting in process. The reason why is stated just below.

5) Silence is Golden:

Keep quiet as long as possible about planning the bill. "When you build in silence, people don't know where to attack." The furriers, fur farmers/ Hunters/ Trappers can’t sabotage your efforts, if they don’t know about them. Though this is only be possible, if you already have the necessary connections &Political support to put forward your bill to be voted on.

6) What if fur farming exist in your location:

The above focuses on efforts to ban the sale of fur, but of course if there is any local production, e.g.: Fur farming in your location, then you would need to focus, with the help of local politicians, to first ban any & All fur farming.

7) Contact us for assistance and advice:

IAFC has ten years of experience on the topic of banning the Sale of Fur & We are willing to share our knowledge with you. Please feel free to contact:
 *Jane Halevy: 
 *Mitzi Ocean:

The snowball is rolling down a hill & The domino effect is real. Nothing can, nor will stop us! Join us in making the Blood Fashion fur a thing of the past! Via Joining in ‘Challenge 2020’ YOU become one of the amazing activists who are banning fur sales locally to End the Blood Fashion Fur Industry Globally! Join the IAFC FB: to be a Leader in making Blood Fashion Fur History!