The International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC) is an Animal Rights (AR) movement focusing on the atrocities of the fur trade in which at least billion rabbits and over 85 million other animals are brutally murdered every year for their fur.

The IAFC was founded in 2006. The coalition consists of over 50 Anti-Fur organizations worldwide, that are working together to bring an end to the horror of the fur industry.We organize simultaneous “Global days of Action’; e.g.: Demonstrations, Marches, “Information days” and special events are held regularly all over the world.

The fur trade is one of the cruelest industries in the world and in the age of internet there is NO excuse for wearing fur. Thank you for standing up and fighting for the animals. "They have only us; we cannot fail them".

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    ‘NEVER AGAIN’ should not be about what others shouldn’t do to us. It should be about what we shouldn’t do to others. ‘Never again’ means that we must never again perpetrate mass atrocities against other living, sentient beings.

    - Dr. Alex Hershaft, Warsaw Ghetto survivor

    We need to heal our planet and protect all its residents, before it is too late. We have to unite against the mass killing of its earthlings.

    IAFC’s Fight for Anti-Fur Legislation:

    Though demonstrations are very effective to raise awareness, another necessary measure to achieve change is enacting laws – international bills to ban the sale of fur. Pushing for new legislation requires the backing of public opinion and support. For example, IAFC is leading the catalyst anti-fur bills in Israel, together with Members of the Knesset (parliament in Israel) and Animal Rights organizations.

    "Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come." -Victor Hugo

    Skinned Alive Song

    A song has been launched to expose the pain, suffering and killing in the name of the fashion fur industry. Listen to their voices; to the millions of helpless innocent animals living in torture, only to end up being skinned (and at times, even while still alive) for fashion!


    To get more information about the cruel "Blood Fashion"; Please click here: Myths and Facts about the fur industry           




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