Canadian Seal Slaughter


In early spring, when the seal pups start molting their white coats, thousands of Canadian fishermen, proceed to club, shoot, and skin hundreds of thousands of seals in front of their panic-stricken mothers who are helpless to defend their young, most just a few weeks to a few months old.
An analysis by a panel of veterinarians showed that 42% of the seals are actually skinned alive.

Why and the lie?

The Canadian government blame the seals for the decrease in cod populations, but scientific conclusion proves the depletion of fish is human over-fishing. Blaming seals is a convenient way to divert attention.

A huge sum of the Canadian’s taxpayer’s money (though the majority is against the hunt) goes to supplement this ’blood bath of the babies’! Money is spent on protecting the hunters from humane reporters and protesters. In addition to government aid for the hunters, paying for ice-breakers, the coast guard and air crafts.

We suggest using these funds to develop the growing market of the Eco-Tourism.

Victory and Hope

The continued hunt of the Grey seal came to a halt for lack of buyers. The considered ban on seal products of the EU could save thousands of seals from being clubbed to death.

What you can do

1) Participate/organize global demos and info booths.
2) Write to the Prime Minister:
3) Spread the truth about the hunt.