Israel 2020

Israel latest news:

October 4th 2020, Sunday, the International Anti Fur Coalition (IAFC) announces their glad anticipation that their bill to ban the sale of fur nationwide in Israel is finally likely to be added into legation.

The IAFC thanks in deep gratitude Gila Gamliel the Minister of Environmental Protection for her vital part in making this a true probability and are grateful for the support of PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
The IAFC first presented their bill in 2009, setting a global precedent. Repeated attempts to vote in the popular and ethical bill that received vast public support and even a great majority of support across the political spectrum, had repeatedly been sabotaged via the notorious international furriers, in particular from Canada and Denmark that even led to a 2015 investigative report on Israeli TV and included corruption up to the level of diplomats and misuse of the Danish Embassy.
However though the bill didn’t pass then or the number of subsequent efforts to pass the bill in Israel, other global locations have since 2010 picked up the torch: from townships/councils in Ireland, England, Australia, India, Brazil etc, to a huge fashion venue in Holland to four leading fashion cities California in the USA, to then the entire state of California, currently the UK stands to set an ethical precedent via Brexit at the end of 2020 to finally enact their bill to ban fur sales in the entirety of the United Kingdom.
Jane Halevy the Director of IAFC mentioned: “Though if Israel can manage to enact their ban before, then that rightful beneficial honor that began back in 2009 can finally be ours indeed.” She added that: “The banning of the cruel and unnecessary fur trade is indeed an idea whose time has come. One has but to note and greatly increasing number of fashion leaders and shops that of ditched all items of this backward barbaric heartless industry.”
Global Coordinator of IAFC, Mitzi Ocean, added the vital point that: “In addition to the long scientifically proven dangerous organic and toxic chemical pollution inherent in the Blood Fashion Fur Industry and the reason for the banning of many fur farms the world over, is the frightening fact that the current coronavirus of the pandemic is running like wildfire through global fur farms leading to the immediate mass murder of ten of thousands of innocent animals held captive in horrible condition.“ Experts noted that the spread likely began from infected Blood Fashion Fur workers that infected the animals and then the infected animals infected other workers, because the current pandemic is a proven zoonotic disease. Experts mentioned too that the like can be excepted to happen again. Hence, 2020 being the ideal time to ban anything having to do with is cruel unethical harmful industry once and for all.”