Let Animals Live Unisex Pendant


Help the furry animals and put your paw down against fur!

Designed especially for animal rights organizations for fundraising purposes, and not available in shops!

A unique 925 sterling silver pendant which spotlights the sentiment we all believe in - "Let Animals Live", expressed in 60 languages, and inscribed in 24KT gold over an onyx stone. The bottom of the frame is delicately detailed with the inscription “Compassion for all beings”.

  • The jewelry’s “Let Animals Live" inscription refers to all animals. By wearing this pendant, wherever you go, you silently demonstrate your compassion for all sentient beings.

 $8.25 X 12 monthly payments


 The jewelry will arrive to your door within 14-21 business days.

Free shipping everywhere in the world.


What are we going to do with your donation?

  • International lobbying in order to ban the sale of fur.
  • Supporting Anti-Fur Coalition members to pass bills to ban the sale of fur, each member in its own country.
  • Creating awareness via social media, YouTube and other platforms.

More about the jewelry

  • Innovative technology is used to actualize this labyrinth of text in 24KT gold over the surface of the stone. A 925 sterling silver, high quality, Italian chain, elegantly suspends from the pendant and fastens with a classic spring ring clasp.
  • You will receive a keychain magnifying glass with your jewelry so you can see, show and share this incredible inscription and important message.
  • This unique statement piece arrives in an elegant jewelry gift box ready for giving.


All 60 languages included with the pendant in alphabetical order:

    Afrikaans – Albanian – Arabic – Armenian – Azerbaijani – Basque –Belorussian – Bosnian – Bulgarian – Catalan – Chinese (Mandarin) – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – English – Estonian – Finnish – Flemish – French – Georgian – German – Greek – Haitian Creole – Hebrew – Hindi – Hungarian – Icelandic – Indonesian – Irish Gaelic – Italian – Japanese – Kazakh – Korean – Latvian – Lithuanian – Macedonian – Malay – Norwegian – Persian – Polish – Portuguese (Brazil) – Portuguese (Portugal) – Romania – Russian – Serbian Cyrillic – Serbian Latin – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanish – Spanish (Latin-America) – Swedish – Tagalog – Taiwanese – Thai – Turkish – Ukrainian – Uzbek – Vietnamese – Welsh.

    When your friends ask to see it with the keychain magnifier that comes with it, it will start the conversation about Animal Rights (AR)….AR you or ARn’t you?


    Support the International Anti-Fur Coalition in its latest campaign to stop the global fur trade

    • Put your paw on your heart, join the growing number of animal rights advocates and let your jewelry be a message to the world! That’s what the Let Animals Live pendant is designed to do: to speak up for animals through its “Let Animals Live” inscribed in 60 languages and to raise funds for the IAFC organizations worldwide to pass bills that would ban the sale of fur.



      Wear this Animal Rights unisex pendant to give animals a voice

      • Wear and show off this Let Animals Live pendant every day – an ethical ID by which we recognize each other anywhere. Together, by wearing it and empowering anti-fur organizations, we can achieve change.

      We’re all they have – we just can’t let the animals down

      • The fur trade is the cause of terrible suffering for furry animals. You know how even a minor cut to your skin hurts? Imagine the agony of being skinned alive and killed for your fur – that’s what we’re fighting to stop. It’s very simple. You need your skin. They need theirs.
      • Billions of furry animals are terrified and trembling in their cages right now waiting for us to act. And tears are the same in every language. Let Animals Live – now that’s a global fashion statement worth making. 

      Wear it, Share it and make a real change!

      • As the Let Animals Live pendant has been crafted exclusively for animal rights organizations, you won’t find it anywhere in shops.

      $8.25 X 12 monthly payments


      The jewelry will arrive to your door within 14-21 business days.

      Free shipping everywhere in the world.